Would An Extra Edge Help You Attract And Retain Employees? Do You Want To Benefit From Tax-Deductible Employer Contributions? A 401(k) Plan May Be the Answer You're Looking For

  • Offering a 401(k) Plan can be an incentive for employment and lets your staff know that you value their financial future. Employee 401(k) deferrals and Employer contributions are tax­deductible.
  • Do you already have a retirement plan in place? Let us help you simplify the complexity of 401(k) Plans, explore options a 401(k) has to offer, and maximize your contributions.
  • Does your current 401(k) plan have a "Safe Harbor" design? If not, this might be a good fit for your company:
    • A Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan is a simple plan design that allows business owners to maximize their annual 401(k) contributions and bypass some of the annual compliance testing required by the IRS.
  • Do you have a SIMPLE IRA Plan that you would like to convert to a 401(k) Plan? Benefits of changing to a 401(k) plan include higher deferral limits along with flexibility in structuring Employer contributions.

We are an independent, Vermont owned consulting and administration firm, established in 1974, offering the following 401(k) Plan services:

  • Plan Design & Implementation
  • Ongoing 401(k) plan administrative services
  • Compliance
    • Government Reporting
    • Merger & Acquisition
    • Nondiscrimination Testing
    • Disclosures & Notices

Our professionally certified Pension Administrators have on average 20+ years of experience in the industry. We are well known for our responsiveness, attention to detail, and exceptional service.

We are available to discuss via phone, email or virtual meeting.

To learn more please contact our Senior Pension Consultant, Mark Shedd, at 802-857-0688 or mark@futureplanningassoc.com.

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